An assembly robot on a crane able to move with 6+3 DoF, covering a large workspace (20x6x5 meters).

CAM systems
CAM systems
Create new CAM algorithms for hybrid manufacturing, including planar horizontal layer strategies and new direct 3D free form approaches.
Real time control
Real time control
Real-time control of tool position, force, speed, temperature, and shape deviations.
Multimaterial 3D printing
Multimaterial 3D printing
Hybrid manufacturing with aluminium grades, up to 10kg/h deposition rates using Additive Metal Hybrid Technology + Hybrid manufacturing with new polymer-based materials (thermoset Epoxy and PUR resins) reaching 180kg/h
Subtractive manufacturing
Subtractive manufacturing
Fast and precise milling for large parts based on climb-up methodology specially designed for the planar layer-by-layer and direct 3d freeform production strategies.

Examples of Application

Waterproof covering modules for tunnels

As part of the tunnel construction process, the installation of a waterproof cover including the electrical conduits of the tunnels could result in a revolutionary alternative to current methods, reducing time and cost.

Aluminium metallic back and front frames

The large area geometrical demonstration will be performed developing part of the BIW of an Alfa Romeo 4C, including two aluminium frames (front and rear) and a carbon fibre composite monocoque in between.

Pininfarina mock-up car design

A manufactured mock-up of a Pininfarina car design will be created using KRAKEN.

Disclaimer: The final physical model manufactured within the KRAKEN Project as a demonstrator of the KRAKEN technology, is inspired by Pininfarina design (which is of Pininfarina’s property) and it cannot be considered as a reproduction of the original one.

Expected Results

The KRAKEN machine

Kraken machine

An affordable solution for production of parts up to 20m long.

Job creation

Implementation and replication, in the short/medium term, of 150 new jobs inside the consortium and 600 in the EU.

Latest News

Kraken at the 8th edition of the International Precision Assembly Seminar, in France

On Monday 15th, Kraken project was presented at the 8th edition of the International , in France by Francesco Crivelli, CSEM R&D Engineer. This event focused on topics such as Industry 4.0, precision assembly, robotics [...]

KRAKEN Project presented first results at the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing

Hannover, 21 September 2017 – During EMO Hannover 2017, KRAKEN supported the “International Conference on Additive Manufacturing” and presented the latest developments within the project on hybrid material additive manufacturing and the CAM system. EMO [...]